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Tư vấn giống cây trồng


The company's research department currently has 19 staff with university graduation degrees in biology, biotechnology, and plant selection. An also, the company has good relationships with many universities, as well as plants breeding experts in Thailand and Spain to jointly develop new crop varieties for different climates in the world. Currently, the company has put into operation a research & development center to select and create new plant varieties with an area of 09 hectares at the High-Tech Agriculture Center of Dak Nong Province with a full range of biotechnology laboratories ( Department of Microbiology and Plant Diseases, Department of Gene Technology, Plant Cell Tissue Culture Room) Greenhouse-Membrane, and Seed Testing Camp.

Phát triển giống mới

Seed production

The company is fully autonomous in the production of new plant varieties that the company has chosen. In addition, the company is also a processing partner, producing a number of products for domestic and international companies in Vietnam. The production department of the company currently has 22 employees with college-level to university and higher graduate degrees in biology and agriculture, responding well to production management activities for a central production center and many hectares of satellite production units in different geographical areas and climates. In addition to manufacturing, the company also focuses on investing in testing and product quality assurance with more than 10 personnel, from university and higher level by modern techniques in the world, like PCR and IEF.

Nhân giống hạt lai

Farming technical support

With a team of more than 40 well-trained agricultural engineers at a research center, highly qualified and experienced in the field, we not only provide our customers with seeds on good varieties in a timely manner, meeting the needs of rational planting season, but also supplementing and updating agricultural scientific progress as quickly as possible to each farmer.

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